Major Spanish firm to build 900 Portuguese properties

  • 14 years ago
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Whilst the property market may be slowing in some parts of Europe, a major Spanish construction firm is about to begin building 900 new units on the Portuguese Algarve.
The 70 year old Yeregui Group is committed to a programme of international expansion and has just received the go-ahead for a large development in Praia da Rocha, near the city of Portimao.
The Yeregui Group
For 70 years, the Yeregui Group have been building properties across Spain. With their headquarters in San Sebastian, they have offices in Madrid, Andalusia, Murcia and Catalonia. In the early 21st century they began an international expansion and now have operations in both Romania and Portugal.
The Group has been chaired since April, 2010 by Maya Luis Galarraga, and is made up of a group of companies specializing in the management and development of construction projects. As well as residential development, the Group has experience in public works construction, industrial and engineering projects.  They have built over 25,000 homes across Spain.
900 new properties in Portugal
Portimao City Council has recently approved Yeregui’s plans to build 900 properties in Praia da Rocha. Whereas property prices in Portugal fell slightly in the second quarter of 2010, the Algarve region saw values rise by a solid 1.9 per cent, taking the average price per square metre in the region to €1,491.
This project reinforces the company’s presence in Portugal and consolidates its international expansion.
Sustainable development
As well as being one of Spain’s oldest house builders, Yeregui have also embraced a sustainable development policy. Their properties are designed with environmental protection and energy efficiency in mind and to help keep CP2 emissions low.
The company has also entered into a joint venture with Dled Solutions to work on developing sustainable lighting with the manufacture of eco-friendly lams and lighting systems. 

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