Madinaty, Egypt is a Spectacular New Property Development

  • 16 years ago
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Along the Cairo-Suez highway in Egypt is a spectacular new development that is taking shape called Madinaty. This project, which is spread out over 33.6 million square meters, is planned as an extension of New Cairo and will be a residential and commercial destination for those who want the best of Egypt. Madinaty will include 120,000 residential units, hotels, golf courses, playgrounds, medical facilities, educational facilities, commercial spaces, sports fields, recreational zones, and other entertainment facilities.
The new housing available at Madinaty will be in villas and apartments. The villas range from 259 square meters to 660 square meters, and there are 10 different apartment types planned from 42 square meters to 324 square meters. The villas overlook the golf course or waterways and lakes. Each villa has a garden area and buyers can choose from a variety of layouts to meet their needs.
There will be several commercial districts within the development to provide shopping, eating and retail options for residents. These shopping areas will be both enclosed as in malls and open air centers and will provide everything that residents and visitors need.
Madinaty is located on KM 33 of the Cairo-Suez highway, not far from the second ring road under construction. It is 10 minutes from Heliopolis and 20 minutes from downtown Cairo. There will be buses within the development as well as links to Cairo and surrounding destinations.
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