Madeira Clean Up Will Give Solid Tourism

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25/02/10-Madeira is set to recover swiftly from the natural disaster it has experienced with an impressive clean up operation. Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai comments on the hotel and Tourism industry after the recent natural events in Madeira.
“The quick response action undertaken by the competent authorities at local and national levels, together with the support of the EU, have been instrumental in this catastrophe.
“As for the tourism sector, according to the information provided by the regional government, the hotel industry of Madeira was not affected and maintains all operating conditions safely. Hotel establishments, in general, are operational and there were not reported any difficulties or problems. The Madeira International Airport is also operational.
“I am confident that Madeira will continue to count on its solid tourism infrastructure and services, which have made it the destination of excellence it is today.”
Morgan Forbes who are an investment company based in Madeira and London, are equally impressed with the speed and dedication to the cleanup operation.
Michael Nascimento, Managing Director of the company comments;“There is a real sense of unity and dedication as Funchal’s community works together to overcome the recent events and restore the city back to a vibrant and popular tourist destination. The rate at which this being achieved is quite phenomenal”
Michael Nascimento who has been on the island over the past week has seen firsthand how quickly the authorities have come together strengthening Madeira’s reputation. Morgan Forbes are currently developing a hotel in the Ponta do Pargo region which has been unaffected by the floods.
Both statements have also been backed up by the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Alberto Joao Jardim, who has confirmed the world famous Flower Festival that is held in April will still go ahead. This is in a matter of weeks and he is confident that Funchal will be back to normal before the start of the Festival.  
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