Luxury South African properties attracting overseas buyers

  • 11 years ago
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Luxury properties in South Africa are attracting more foreign buyers as property prices are currently very attractive to overseas property investors.

According to, property prices in South Africa are so low thanks to good exchange rates. Experts say they provide a good return for those hoping to make some money from holiday lettings.

British buyers are particularly attracted to luxury resort areas such as Gondwana Game Reserve and beach properties near Mossel Bay, reports These areas used to be considered a secret among locals, but now international buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential of these appealing locations.

By investing in properties located near Gondwana Game Reserve, for example, holiday home owners can offer those renting the opportunity to visit 27,000 acres of private reserve land – wherein they can see elephants, leopards and rhinos all year round.

Another popular luxury area is Camps Bay Beach, which is particularly fashionable with celebrities and businesspeople due to the beautiful beach front properties available. The area also offers great night life; with plenty of places to eat and drink.

It is thought that South African property is becoming increasingly popular with Britons in particular because the majority of the locals speak English and residents drive on the same side of the road.

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