Luxury Resort Aimed At Groups Only in Belize

  • 17 years ago
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Palmetto Bay Group Resort is a new, environmentally friendly, group-oriented resort that is being developed on the Placencia Peninsula of southern Belize. This unique property in Belize has a lot to offer international real estate investors. When completed it will be the first completely green resort in the Caribbean. It is also being designed as a group holiday resort, designed to meet the needs of small or large groups. From weddings to corporate retreats, Palmetto Bay Resort Belize will be a unique place to get away from the cares of daily life.
This development is being constructed with leaseback properties which you can use for up to eight weeks a year. That means the properties are leased out by the management company, and you get a steady stream of income. When not being used, you can use it for your own vacations in this tropical paradise. A recent article in the International Herald Tribune noted that Belize is quickly becoming a major investment location for overseas property buyers and developers.
The first phase of Palmetto Bay is currently in the initial planning and construction stages with property available for purchase. There will be a total of 36 residences in two, six-floor buildings that each are on the waterfront. Each floor houses one, two and three bedroom condominiums, allowing you to choose the floor number, size and number of units to suit your ownership needs.
Nicholas Marr CEO of the overseas property portal “Belize is an exciting region for international property investors to consider. It offers a ‘investor friendly’ environment with low priced property available .The Belize legal system is based on English law. The government is keen on inward investment and encourages foreign buyers with no capital gains tax and the ability to buy with offshore trusts  
The resort is being developed to cater to the needs of groups. The residences are connected by two-way doors and spacious balconies that create a spectacular panorama of the Caribbean Sea. A group can have half a floor and accommodate 10 or the entire resort and accommodate 200. Operating costs are significantly lowered, not to mention net revenue for owners significantly raised, by the sustainable technologies and green systems that are being implemented. In addition to using geothermal and solar technologies, the heating and cooling systems are designed so that whole floors and quadrants can be taken offline when not in use, further reducing operating costs.
Belize, formerly British Honduras, is located on the southern end of the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America. It faces the western Caribbean, and borders Guatamala, Honduras and Mexico. The major airport is in Belize City, about 125 miles north of Placencia. It takes about 3 hours by car. The Placencia Airport has regular flights to and from Belize City, making it reasonably easy to get here.

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