Luxury hotel development helps houses for sale in Barbados

  • 13 years ago
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Harlequin Hotels & Resorts has bought a new island hotel for immediate development, which is expected to help houses for sale in Barbados.

The Allamanda Beach Hotel on the south coast of Barbados will be given an $11m renovation to create the first of Harlequin’s Luxury Boutique Hotel range. The hotel, which the company believe will bring a new “ultra-chic” to Barbados, will contain 46 luxury suites as well a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

But it is not the only Barbados project that Harlequin has in development.

“Harlequin also hopes to announce later this week the commencement of works in September on the first stage of its development at the Merricks Resort. They are working with the Barbados Government to gain all the necessary support so that the project can move forward quickly,” the company declared in a press statement.

The continuing development of new hotels on the island follows positive growth in the country’s tourism market and is hoped to bring an equal boost to the construction industry.

The country’s economy has seen over 10,000 people become unemployed in the past three years. The prospect of new construction will be welcomed by those looking for new jobs.

“This Boutique Hotel offering will bring further investment to Barbados and provide more employment opportunities as well as bringing many new holidaymakers to this Caribbean Jewel,” said Chairman of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Dave Ames.

The Caribbean hotspot, which was recently voted one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, is stil posting strong visitor figures despite ongoing financial concerns. According to Caribbean360, Barbados currently has a healthy 85 per cent occupancy in the low season. This, combined with Harlequin’s plans, will reassure residents with houses for sale in Barbados.

Construction will start soon on Harlequin’s Luxury Boutique Hotel. It is scheduled to open in April 2012.

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