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  • 16 years ago
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The fall is traditionally when travel companies, hotels and airlines look to raise prices for the coming year, but this year the opposite is happening. While there have always been good deals for those who spend the time to find them, there are more deals this year, particularly for those who want to travel in style.
Airlines are leading the way with discounts and specials. For those in the US, American Airlines has been offering a free companion ticket to travelers who book a round trip business-class ticket to the UK. Aer Lingus has recently introduced holiday fares for its flights from Ireland to the US, with prices starting at $1,430 for business class seats to Boston, New York or Washington, an amazing price for those seats.
Ryanair noted that its average fare in October has been down €5 from last year to €41. The airline recently offered a special seat deal that resulted in trips from London to Dublin for £33 with taxes and fees. Other airlines offering great deals include Icelandair, Eurofly and Delta.
Hotels are getting in on the specials as well. The exclusive Jumeirah Lowndes hotel in London recently offered an online deal that cut certain rates from US $500 to $295 per night. The May Fair hotel in London is offering discounted weekend rates for three night stays or more, and La Residencia in Mallorca is giving a free night to guests who stay for five or more nights through December.
These are just some of the more well known and popular destinations. Travelers who do a little work online can find great places to stay and flights for great prices right now, wherever you want to go. It’s a great time to see Europe.
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