Loreto Bay Resort to Rise in Baja, Mexico

  • 16 years ago
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Along the coast of Baja, Mexico, a new resort area is rising up at Loreto Bay. Located on the Sea of Cortez between the Giganta Mountains and the water, this once sleepy area is becoming the new destination resort in Mexico. If plans for the bay are fully realized, over the next few years some 8,000 acres of land will have 6,000 holiday and retirement homes.
Currently, a 150-room hotel with café and gardens is open for those who want to come to this as yet unspoiled region. There are also 240 houses that have already been constructed and another 300 homes under construction. The final resort will have small condos to large custom houses, formed into six small communities with plenty of land and green space.
The development is planning to take advantage of its destination as an eco-resort. The waters off the coast are a marine preserve and the ecology is fragile. The best way to get around will be on foot. There will be plenty of walkways and footpaths that won’t take cars, so the plan is to have as little automobile traffic within the resort as possible. Landscaping consists of indigenous plants and trees that don’t need much water. Future plans call for a wind farm to develop energy and a desalinization plant to provide fresh water, though these are still far off.
In addition to the natural aspects of Loreto Bay, there will be plenty of activities for those who visit or reside here. Three golf courses are planned, and the sea provides kayaking and deep water fishing opportunities. The nearby mountains make hiking an attractive prospect, and the views from on high are spectacular.
Loreto Bay is still a bit tricky to get to. It is about 700 miles south of San Diego and the easiest way to travel is by car. There are two lane roads down the Baja Peninsula from the US border. A small airport does allow for commercial travel, and airlines are increasingly providing regular connections through Mexico City.

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