Look For A Property With Dragons Den James Caan

  • 16 years ago
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The UK property market is a buyers market and is offering property investors opportunities never seen before and for one famous entrepreneur this also means property websites
One of the UK’s most high profile and successful entrepreneurs has been appointed chairman of a leading property website, www.look4aproperty.com
James Caan says the move demonstrates his confidence in the UK housing market. But his decision is also a clear sign the market needs to radically change the way it does business.

“This is the first stage in a number of initiatives we will be launching in 2009 through www.look4aproperty.com,” says Caan.

Through Hamilton Bradshaw – the private equity arm of his business empire – Caan has secured a 25 per cent stake in the look4aproperty.com site, which was founded by Aaron Turner.

Caan and Turner now plan to announce a series of new products to kick-start the UK housing market and help it to grow in the New Year.

James Caan, famous for his role as one of the ‘Dragons’ in BBC show The Dragon’s Den, said ‘I’m in’ because he believes Turner is among the best of a small band of innovative property entrepreneurs in this country.

“I invest in people. Aaron has the type of drive, determination and business acumen this country and the property market needs.”

Both Turner and Caan agree that the global economy and the UK housing market will go through enormous changes next year and for many years to come.

“The way people buy and sell property, climb the property ladder, remortgage their homes; it’s all about to change beyond recognition. It’s all up for review,” says Turner.  

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