Lisbon Portugal Now Popular International Meeting Place

  • 16 years ago
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Lisbon comes out near the top of the International Congress and Convention Association ranking of destinations for worldwide business events and is a popular place for companies and organizations to hold their events. In the most recent ranking from the ICCA, Lisbon came out in 6th place with 90 associated events last year.
Recent events in major years, such as Euro 2004 Football Championships and the World Expo 98 have given the city more exposure and continue to bring people in well past the events themselves. “The country needs projects that can create a dynamic energy which continues on well after the event itself and has a knock on effect on other cities and towns other than the one that hosted the event,” stresses Paula Oliveira, Director of Lisbon Tourism Association. She was quoted in Essential-Portugal magazine, a favorite for expats living and working in Portugal.
One of the company’s responsible for bringing people to Portugal and Lisbon is TLC Events, a company that works particularly with British residents and customers. Diego Assis, TLC Managing Director notes that “Lots of clients that visit Lisbon for the very first time end up by having an immense desire to come back with their family or friends, and this is what we call the ‘indirect impact’ of the events that we develop and organize and this impact is incalculable. Projecting Portugal’s image abroad has to be seen as an investment rather than a cost.”
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