Lakkoi Offers Something Different

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The Greek town of Lakkoi, located on the island of Leros in the Dodecanese, offers a unique display of early 20th century modern architecture. Most of the planned town was erected by the Italians, who occupied the island from 1912 – 1943. Several islands and towns in what are now Greek islands were made over by their Italian occupiers, and Lakkoi is fascinating look into that period.


The town of Lakkoi has one of the safest and largest natural harbors in the Aegean Sea. This harbor was developed by the Italians under Mussolini as a port, first for seaplanes and then into a large naval base. The style of architecture for the town is a form of art deco called razionalismo that was popular with the Italians during that period. Lakkoi is now only one of two places where this style of architecture can be widely seen, with the other being Sabaudia, outside of Rome. The island officially became part of Greece in 1948.


The town was highly compartmentalized, with separate living areas for the different occupations of the residents. There are different houses for the different people employed by Italy here, and there are also a number of monumental buildings around the harbor that are reminiscent of the period. The seafront has several buildings from the period, and the Agios Nikolaos is one of the more modernist-looking churches in Greece.


Lakkio offers visitors and residents a fascinating look at the first half of the 20th century. It can be reached by ferry from Piraeus or by plane from Athens.


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