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What do George Clooney, Richard Branson and Sting all have in common? They all have houses on Lake Como in northern Italy. Increasingly, so do many international investors with not quite as much money as these big names. While it is the stars that draw the attention, the charms of Lake Como and the reasonable property prices draw most others here. Fortunately for most people, the prices are still quite reasonable and a second home or investment property  can be purchased without breaking the bank.
A recent article in the Telegraph ( notes that, in addition to being near the actor George Clooney, property buyers are able to find remarkably good deals on both new and existing housing. With the region’s popularity on the rise, these properties are sure to increase in value substantially over the coming years. Clooney’s adopted home town of Laglio is one place where folks are looking to buy, but there are great deals all around the lake.
Italian property specialist Linda Travella is quoted in the Telegraph as saying that “the area has really taken off in the last five or six years.”
“The increase in cheap flights from the UK to Milan’s three airports has made a big difference.” With Milan just a short drive away, getting to the region is easy, and, as Travella says, getting cheaper.
One particular property which shows how affordable Lake Como can be is this off plan property in Veranna along the eastern shore of the lake. The new development has all of its apartments with spectacular views of the lake. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments start from as low as £175,000, and a 4 bedroom penthouse goes for just £490,000.
Overseas property buyers worried about making investments abroad can now  purchase an IDIP, or International Developer Information Pack. The information packs informs you about the developer and the development to a legal standard giving the investor peace of mind.
With so much going for it and some great deals, in addition to the proximity to Clooney and Sting, Lake Como is looking like a good place for international investors right now.
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