Justin Bieber set to buy two Hollywood homes

  • 12 years ago
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He’s one of the world’s biggest music stars and now Justin
Bieber is reportedly set to splash out on two Hollywood homes.  The Canadian superstar who recently
turned 18 years old is looking at real estate in Los Angeles with the intention
of buying one home for himself and one for his mom.

However, reports that Bieber has already made an offer on a
luxury $10 million property in Hollywood may be wide of the mark.  Keep reading to learn more.

Bieber set to buy Ashton
Kutcher’s home?

TMZ has recently reported that Justin Bieber will celebrate
his 18th birthday with a lavish party and $14 million worth of real estate.

Friends of Justin say that he has been looking at two homes
in Calabasas, CA, both priced at more than $5 million.  He’s also been looking at a larger
property in Hollywood, CA that is selling for $10 million and is currently
being rented by Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton has been renting the property for a cool $50,000 a
month since he split from wife Demi Moore in November.

The property was completed in 2007 and has great views of
Lake Hollywood. According to the listing, it is made of two glass and steel
boxes that are ‘perched in and cantilevered from a series of exposed poured
concrete walls.’

According to Richcrib.com , the stunning $10.8 million home has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms,
a living room with walls of glass that fully retract, a floating dining room
area, two gathering rooms, a private movie theatre, a bar area, gym, massage
room and spa.

However, reports that Bieber had already closed the deal on
the property appear to be wide of the mark.  The property remains listed and so the search for a love
nest for the 18 year old and movie star girlfriend Selena Gomez may continue.

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