Ivana Trump Reveals Le Diamond Dubai

  • 16 years ago
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3/03/2008-New York based, Ivana Trump, real estate tycoon has revealed Le Diamond. Le Diamond is a luxury property that is located at Dubai Waterfront. Truly said to be something unique, it is revealed to be a whopping Dh1.5 billion. For this exciting venture known as Le Diamond, Trump has partnered with Indian Real Estate Moguls, Darvesh Group.
Darvesh Group, who will be undertaking construction, will begin work in January of 2009. Construction is expected to take around three years to complete. Basically, it’s a twin tower project which is shaped like a diamond. This project will be a unique mix of commercial with the residential, in an upscale market. While it may not be the biggest or the largest of its kind, it will definitely offer a unique product. The next few years will see this collaboration of Trump and the Darvesh Group launching various realty projects at a total cost of around $6 billion. The first of the two projects will be namely in, Dubai and Bahrain. Thereafter plans are, to create similar luxury facilities in around 10 countries, at premium locations such as Delhi and Mumbai in India, Bahrain etc. They plan to offer the same luxurious living experience whichever location it may be.
At a recent press conference, Ivana Trump revealed her excitement of this project, claiming that Dubai was a fabulous place considering that it’s a tax haven and moreover there was not much bureaucracy involved in comparison to America or Europe. She further commented that a partnership with Darvesh was a right fit due to their experience and business insights. Their reputation precedes them and she was drawn to them, due to their credibility and passion for various diverse projects.
For Darvesh, this partnership with Trump is the first of the Group’s plan to develop branded projects via partnerships with celebrities from various different industries.

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