Italian Charlemagne Castle For Sale

  • 15 years ago
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A castle that was once ruled over by Charlemagne on the border of Tuscany and Umbria is for sale. The castle sits on a hill with approximately 32 acres of land. There are five buildings in the circular formation and they are surrounded by olive groves and woodlands. There are also restored battlements with gun ports and a dungeon for those who need such amenities.
In addition to its famous ruler, the castle has hosted Federico Barbarossa, Pius VII and Fernando de Medici, according to Marie-Jospehe Mucchielli of Kalliste Property Management. It is one the road from Rome to Florence, so it was a popular location for travelers of note during the many years since its construction in 802.
The castle has an asking price of €13 million and is occupied. The current residents, who purchased it about 20 years ago, spent much of their time restoring it to its current condition and added several apartments for rent as well. “Due to its historical value, I believe that the property is ideal for someone of a high cultural level looking for a private residence in a key location in central Italy,” said Ms. Mucchielli.
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