Italian Airline in Last Ditch Bid for Rescue

  • 16 years ago
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Italy’s national air carrier, Alitalia, is working feverishly to save itself in last minute talks with unions, other carriers and the Italian government. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy and the crisis is leaving travelers, who have already been hit by the collapse of XL Leisure Group, in a difficult situation. Additionally, another British based tour company, K&S Travel, closed its doors and stranded hundred of tourists in Turkey.
Italy’s Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, indicated that time was running out for a deal and the airline could only “hold on for a few days.” He has said that Lufthansa is a logical partner for the company and was quoted on an Italian TV show as saying the German carrier Lufthansa would be the “ideal partner” for Alitalia.
Lufthansa’s Thomas Jacknow said that they would have no comment. Quoted on an Italian business website, he said that “”we never comment on such statements. Thus in regard to Premier Berlusconi’s declarations we can only say ‘no comment.”’ He added that “Alitalia remains an interesting partner for us but not in its current state, due to its dire economic situation.”
Consumer and passenger groups said that if Alitalia goes under, 15,000 people could be stranded, and a further 100,000 customers would have virtually worthless tickets. The company is part of an international alliance whose other members would be obliged to fly the passengers home, but only when there are available seats. Alitalia has been in difficult financial circumstances for several years and Prime Minister Berlusconi has made the rescue of the national carrier one of his main goals. As of mid-September, though, its fate remains up in the air.
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