Is this the worlds most expensive luxury home?

  • 13 years ago
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A £7.5bn Swiss building is the most expensive luxury home in the world, according to some reports.

The house, located close to the Italian border, was created by opulent Brit Stuart Hughes, a designer famous for his expensive construction projects after making a golden car and a gold-plated iPad 2.

According to Hughes’ own website, the property covers over 2,400 square metres and contains 200,000 kilograms of precious metals, including gold and platinum, in its fixtures and fittings. The floor, made from meteoric stone, also contains shavings of dinosaur bone, a feature that places the final cost of the building at £7.5 billion.

While sites including and Wall Street Journal announced the completion of the house, others have called into question the building’s existence. Real estate blog Curbed notes that the pictures released of the house “look more like renderings than actual photos”, and cites the designer’s previous project, a $5 billion yacht, which was also alleged to be fake.

The house that Hughes built, apparently under the instruction of Swiss company exklusivHAUS, boasts eight rooms and a large garage with enough space to park four cars. It took five years to construct, but claims to already have a tenant.
However, both the owner and the luxury home’s exact location are being kept secret for security reasons, a fact that continues to fuel speculation that the platinum and gold house is not the world’s most expensive luxury home after all.

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