Is it better to buy an already furnished property?


When looking to purchase a property, or even rent, is it usually better to have it already furnished? Usually, the answer to this question is yes.

There are so many benefits to be had from buying a property that is already furnished. This benefits are both financially related and stress related, and can make a world of difference between you getting a dream home, or a home you still have to modify till it becomes your dream home.

If a house is already furnished with quality furniture and said furniture is not in any way damaged or faulty, you stand to gain any of the following benefits;

1.  Less stress

If you are to buy a house that isn’t yet furnished, you are still going to have to invest time and money into furnishing that property to your satisfaction. But in the event the house is already furnished, the only thing you have to do is simply move in and probably rearrange the home a bit, or add one or two more pieces to make the home match your personality. This means less work for you and implies you can start enjoying your property just as soon as you move in.

But buying an unfurnished property implies you have to start from scratch with the furnishing; painting, flooring, chairs, tables, and so on. Why go through all that when you can buy a readymade home? But of course, for this to actually work in your advantage, the property in question must be furnished in a manner that actually suits your preference.

2.    Less cost

In the event you have furniture from your old home, you don’t have to bother hiring a moving company and incurring any of the costs associated with moving them. You can simply sell off such property (and make some money in the process) or give them away. Also, moving into an already furnished property implies you at least don’t have to incur the cost of having to furnish the property from scratch. No doubt, the price of a furnished property will exceed the price of an unfurnished property. But more often than not, the cost of furnishing a property from scratch usually exceeds the price difference between a furnished and unfurnished property.

3.   Quicker move

In the event you need to relocate in a hurry, buying a property that is already furnished implies you spend less time relocating and even less time settling into your new home.

Buyer beware!

As you can see, there’s lots to enjoy from buying or even renting an already furnished home. But buyer’s need to beware of something important. When buying an already furnished home, you need to make sure that the property you’re indirectly paying for is actually of good quality and in no way damaged. This is to ensure that you are taking over furniture that will be beneficial to you, and not broken clutter that will impede the enjoyment of your new home.

Firms like AHM Furniture Services usually recommend that home buyers looking to buy an already furnished home are better off ascertaining that the furniture in place has either recently been upgraded or renovated. This is to ensure a buyer doesn’t end up paying extra for furniture he/she won’t even get to enjoy.

To ensure the furniture is of good quality, a home buyer should look out for the following features:

  • Durability; this indicates that the furniture is sturdy and will be useable for a long time to come.
  • Structural design of the furniture is suitable for your home needs and is actually useable
  • Easy to clean; it will be highly beneficial if the furniture in place won’t be the sort that’s difficult to maintain.

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