Investors Look to the Future in Asia

  • 15 years ago
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Investors may not be flooding the market at the moment, but the long term forecast for Asia’s property market is solid. The Asian Real Estate Association (AREA) has just released its latest research showing that investors still like the Asian real estate market for the medium and long term.


The report, entitled Investment Intentions Asia 2009, indicates that nearly twice as many investors plan to increase their spending in Asian non-listed real estate funds in the medium term over the short term, which is listed as 1-2 years.


“It is not surprising that the results of this year’s survey parallel the current investment mood in the global economy,” said Nicholas Loup, Co-Director of AREA and Chief Executive of Grosvenor Asia Pacific. “Whilst investors in non-listed real estate funds are focused on managing issues in current investments as a result of the challenging market conditions, their gaze is starting to lift to the prospect of recovery with growth in many markets.”


Access to both expert management and new markets will keep investors interested in the Asian market, according to AREA. Investors and fund managers are most optimistic about a recovery starting in 2010, according to the report.


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