Investment Property Rises in Gambia

The ocean-side village of Brufut in Gambia, or the Gambia as some call it, is seeing a modern housing development spring up in its midst as it becomes a favorite for international investors. Brufut Gardens Housing Estate is the most modern housing estate in Gambia and is being constructed by TAF Holding Company. The project consists of two phases, the first one having begun in 2003 with 250 luxury homes, and the second phase set to begin in 2008 with another 200 modern homes. The houses are all near the beach and many have ocean views.
Brufut village made history in the summer of 2006 when it hosted an African Union (A.U.) summit meeting. This was a major highlight for both the country and the village, according to the The Point ( ), one of Gambia’s major newspapers. The representatives from all over the continent were housed in a special development that was constructed for their visit by TAF Holdings. The company is now in the process of selling these houses as well. This special enclave is called the Presidential Villas and prices range from £80,000 to £108,500, or €117,650 to €159,600.
The Brufut Gardens Housing Estate is a major development for this small West African country. Gambia has become a popular tourist destination and is also being targeted by international real estate investors. They have noticed the inexpensive land and property prices and see the potential for significant return on their investments. As the country continues to draw visitors, retirees and people looking for second homes, the values will only rise. The village of Brufut is also set to open its first major destination resort within the next year or so, the Sheraton Gambia Hotel Resort and Spa.
There are one and two story houses in the estate, ranging from 125 square meters to 252 square meters in size. The houses are currently selling for £55,625 to £105,850. There are also a number of apartments that are under construction and available, with one and two bedroom plans. These range in price from £32,500 to £44,500.
Brufut is approximately 12 kilometers west of Gambia’s international airport in Yundum. Banjul International Airport (BJL) (some call it Yundum International Airport and it is often abbreviated as BIA) has daily commercial flights to neighboring African cities as well as to many European cities, including London, Manchester, Madrid and Frankfurt.

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