Investing 101: Build to Rent Opportunities in the UK


Those who have a sizeable amount of capital will be financially savvy enough to know that true profit can only lie in using your money. Investing offers the obvious solution, and a myriad of options to help increase your earnings. Unfortunately, those schemes and instruments that offer guaranteed growth are limited in the yields that they will deliver, and tend to provide long-term profits only.

Yet we live in a society where patience is no longer a virtue, and remaining static is the nearest thing to a sin. Investors want investments that will deliver a tangible turnover in the near future, and that’s why build to rent opportunities are experiencing an exponential growth in popularity.

Offering an exciting opportunity to turn strong profits in the short-term as well as the long-term, we look at why build to rent might be the ideal investment for you…

What is Building to Rent?


Property is one of the oldest and most stable types of investment, and in England particularly, depreciation is incredibly rare. Small wonder, then, that so many who are deterred by the complexity and volatility of alternative financial markets are drawn to its opportunities.

Yet for those seeking profits, a more lucrative opportunity yet presents itself: building to rent. Covering the purchase of land, construction of property, and letting of the final product, it provides a stable, long-term source of capital, or equally a one-off pay-out for those who prefer not to keep their finger in the pie.  

How Can You Invest?

Building to rent is not something to be taken lightly. Pulling off such an endeavour requires a significant degree of skill, experience of both the property and rental markets, and a sizeable sum of money.

Should you fail to possess these traits, however, you needn’t be deterred. As is the case with other forms of investing, such as forex trading, there are always professionals on hand to supplement what you yourself lack.

The role and remit of these entities is extensive, and they can offer everything from specialist market knowledge to acquisition, management, and valuations.

Who Should Invest in Build to Rent Opportunities?

Building to rent is not a novel proposition; rather, the practice has existed since time immemorial. Although it has largely been overtaken by buying to let, it can be a far more economical and profitable decision in the long-term, and assets can be built exactly to your specifications, and with your goals in mind. Considering this, it is an ideal investment for anyone with a sizeable sum of capital to utilise, and the nous to know how to maximise the opportunity it presents, with or without the help of professionals.

If you’re looking for your next investment opportunity, could it be the right choice for you?

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