International real estate & the top 20 places to buy property abroad

A Place in the Sun Magazine which is published 13 times a year by Brooklands Media Ltd in the UK have announced the result of a survey which gives the top 20 places to buy property abroad.
Matt Havercroft editor of the overseas property magazine writes’ The idea was quite simple , really to conduct a survey among our readers and visitors to the A place in Sun Live property exhibitions to establish once and for all ,what are the most popular places in the world to a buy an overseas property.’
Previous announcements by the magazine have made property hotspots out of relatively unknown regions. Cape Verde is a prime example made famous by Amanda Lamb and BBC holiday programmes. The region is now experiencing unprecedented construction and growth of its housing and tourism industry.
Traditional places to buy abroad are still popular
Typical hot spots still remain popular for the British Nicholas Marr CEO ‘France and Spain are established markets and with that comes peace of mind and general stability. Overseas property buyers not only want an investment many want to buy property in a country that they feel comfortable and is easy to get to. These markets offer just that and are ideal for those considering retiring abroad.
Overseas property buyers now have so much choice that traditional hot spots are in for some stiff competition. Amanda Lamb presenter of A place in the sun television programme’ British buyers still love Spain, France and Cyprus but countries such as Bulgaria and Turkey now rival them as popular places to buy in the sun’
A Place in the Sun Magazine top 20 overseas property destinations  
Here are the results of the A place in the sun survey along with links to property for sale for each region
20th Australia- property in Australia
19th South Africa- property in South Africa
18th Montenegro-property in Montenegro
17th Thailand- property in Thailand
16th Canada-property in Canada
13th Caribbean-property in Caribbean
12th Morocco-property in Morocco
11th Croatia-property in Croatia
10th USA- property USA
9th Cape Verde-property in Cape Verde
7th Portugal-property in Portugal
2nd France- property in France
Full details of the survey can be found in February 2007 edition of A place in Sun Magazine

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