Inexpensive Land in Brazil

  • 17 years ago
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Land in the northern and northeast part of Brazil is a fantastic investment for international real estate investors. This is clearly demonstrated at overseas property portal where building lots are being sold from only £7000. Brazil is an emerging real estate market, and has a stable and growing economy. With hundreds of miles of untouched coastline and spectacular beaches, as well as some of the nicest cities in all of Brazil, this part of the country is quickly becoming a popular place to buy land and build your dream home.
One part of the country that is just on the cusp of the real estate boom that is enveloping the northern coast is Paraiba, the easternmost state in Brazil. The capital city of João Pessoa is one of the oldest in Brazil, having been founded in 1585. With 650,000 residents there are plenty of things to do, including lots of shopping and cultural activities.
Outside of Paraiba’s capital, there is plenty of land on and near the beach. For those interested in building their dream home, one unspoiled location is the small village of Jacumã, about 30 minutes south of João Pessoa. One seller has building lots for sale starting at £7,000 You can see these prime lots just minutes from the beach here  Homesgofast.
Some of the local beaches around Jacumã include Praia Bela, Praia do Amor, Barra de Grammame and Tambaba, one of the country’s only naturist beaches. Jacumã is an old fishing village and has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. With a number of new condominium developments under construction, as well as all amenities, it is also quickly becoming a hot spot for real estate investors.
Getting to Jacumã and João Pessoa is also becoming easier. The airport at João Pessoa is being upgraded to accept most international flights and it now has some overseas charter flights coming into it. There are regular flights to the other major Brazilian cities as well. There are major international airports approximately two hours drive from João Pessoa at Recife and Natal. If you are looking for an ideal place to invest and build, this is a wonderful location and now is a great time to buy.

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