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12/04/08 A powerful new force in real estate marketing has emerged with the news that India has its first 24×7 channel dedicated to the world of real estate. The channel is now available in all metros and major cities across the country. The new TV channel will provide viewers up to date information on all aspects of the property market.
Among the major distribution platforms, Real Estate Television has signed agreements with Hathway and Amogh in Bangalore, Hathway and SCV in Chennai, InCable and Seven Star in Mumbai and InCable in Delhi. It is also available across leading cable networks in Tier 2 cities.
Real Estate TV has been put together by media personality Sashi Kumar, and its COO, TK Vibhaker. The Network’s state-of-the art studios in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chennai and Hyderabad continually feed news related to real estate and infrastructure from their respective regions to its hourly Realty Check bulletins.
The channel has a variety of programmes ranging from a game-show and property and realty stock prices to celebrity homes, architecture, interior design, furniture and furnishings, and from Indian habitats to Vaastu, Feng-Shui and home makeovers.
Meanwhile Fears that the Indian property market could be overheating have been heightened by the actions of ICICI, one of the country’s leading banks.
Its managing director, KV Kamath, has confirmed that the bank will be applying stricter lending criteria to property loans.
Some analysts are predicting that the market will see a sharp decline during 2008, with forecasts of a 20% fall in prices.
Interest rates are around 10% for variable and 11% for fixed-rate mortgages, and property prices in Mumbai, the country’s financial centre, are among the highest in the world at $9,000 to $10,200 per square metre.
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