India and China identified among emerging markets

Countries such as India and China have been identified by overseas property investors as potential growth markets for the future, according to reports.

Other regions noted as possibly beneficial areas for investment at the Reuters real estate summit in New York included Russia, Mexico, Japan and parts of South America.

These markets have been recognised particularly by American investors as areas of interest, with US real estate companies building new offices in the countries and investing in the creation of new properties in developing areas.

Richard Kincaid, chief executive of Equity Office Property Trust, said: “If you look around the world and you say ‘Where’s the white-collar growth going to be in the labour market?’ it’s certainly going to be in Asia and, interestingly, parts of South America.”

Apollo Real Estate Advisors are one of the organisations involved in the activity, according to Reuters, and have raised $500 million (£275.5 million) to primarily invest in offices and apartments in India.

China is another area of interest, although poses administrative problems as it has little in the way of developed legislation regarding property contracts.

Despite this, the substantial economic expansion currently taking place in the country is expected to attract a high level of interest from across the globe.

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