Illegal Property in Spain

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Spanish authorities are looking at continued problems with illegal housing, particularly in Andalucía. The southern region of the country includes some of the most popular tourist destinations, including the Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz and the Costa Almeria. While illegal housing has been an issue in this part of the country for several years, the current investigation is focused on illegal houses in the Axarquia region, the Vejer area of the Costa de la Luz, Medina Azahara in Cordoba, Valle de Almanzora, Freilas and Quesada.
One of the worst areas for illegal home building is Chiclana, on the Costa de la Luz near Cadiz. So far there have been 57 arrests in the investigation, and some 30,000 homes were deemed to have been constructed illegally. Between 2005 and 2007 the town council had virtually no oversight of the builders in the area, according to news reports, and many people were caught up in the problems. Every sector of the building industry, from builders to estate agents, has been implicated.
Many of the claims are due to building on land that was not supposed to have been built on. Homes were constructed by unscrupulous builders and sold by willing agents with the claim that they were more than five years old when they were not. The police are now looking to see whether banks were involved as well.
The illegal housing has led to a number of foreign owners trying to get their property legalized. Some 200 Britons purchased homes in the area and went through the proper channels, but the basis for their new homes were often fraudulent. Now they are in a bind, trying to save what remains of their holiday and retirement villas. The local town hall is trying to legalize many of the properties, but what ultimately happens will depend on the Spanish government’s actions.
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