Huge rise in new build property for the Calgary region

  • 10 years ago
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Great news for the Canadian Property industry as the Calgary region has seen an immense spike in building permits. They already had a great year-by-year increase but his last quarter has seen a fantastic amount of building activity and the creation of many new homes.

The federal agency has announced the permits reached $636 million in the Calgary metropolitan area for the month that is a whopping increase of 37.3 percent from last year’s figures. 

Great news for local business. This is all very welcome and great news for local trade’s men and service suppliers, with many local Calgary plumbing and heating companies being drafted in to help construct the new build properties. Local builder suppliers reported increase in trade that matched the high rise in permits.

Property expert Nick Marr told us that “the Calgary region has had a raised number of people moving to this region due to the job market being buoyant and the local booming economy and this has increased the demand for housing”. “The completion for real estate sales is also compatibly low and this is what has made the spike in new build permits and the incentive to build new homes.”

Nick pointed out that the pace is likely to pull back after this explosion, he told us “I would think that the pace of construction will level out over the next few months heading into the end of the year. The increase in number of units being built will put pressure on inventories as these units get finished. This will drop down the incentives to start fresh projects and slow down the increase in pace to get new building permits.”

This is all extremely encouraging for the growth of Calgary and makes it a very attractive place to move home to. The area has great schools, environmental areas, vibrant city, and low levels of crime you can see some homes to buy here and some information on this interesting city with many attractions.

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