How Twitter Changed A New York Homeless Mans Life

  • 13 years ago
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The power of social media has once again been proven with Twitter helping to change the life of homeless New Yorker by helping him find his daughter. Daniel Morales who had been living rough on the streets of New York City was given a pre paid mobile phone by an advertising company. The company encouraged Daniel and other homeless people to record their experiences which would reveal life in New York from a different perspective.

They were told to record their experiences in 140 characters on Twitter the experiment paid off as  Morales generated huge interest from his tweets and had over 3,000 followers 

His life then changed when he sent a tweet with his phone number stating that he had lost contact with his daughter Sarah Rivera and was looking for her.

To his amazement the homeless man’s Twitter efforts paid off; his daughter phoned him the next day, and they agreed to meet in Bryant Park in NYC. It was classic, a moment that is priceless by any means of measurement.

Mr Morales vowed to do all he can to keep in touch with his family “Just getting in touch with my daughter again after 11 years and seeing my grandkids, it’s awesome.”


Meanwhile the housing market in New York City is performing better than in the rest of the United States; it still showed signs of distress in the fourth quarter, according to a report by New York University’s Furman Centre for Real Estate and Urban Policy. Sales volume dropped nearly 33% in the quarter compared with the same period last year.

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