How to create good quality property sales videos

  • 12 years ago
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Looking to bring your property listings to life? Lead Galaxy’s new service lets you do just that by creating a property video with none of the hassle of cost.

But how can you make sure your video will drive up your conversion rates?

Here is how to create a good quality property sales video:

Sign up to LeadGalaxy operates an international network of property portals, including and A Place in the Sun. Attracting a total of over 600,000 real estate buyers from around the globe every month, Lead Galaxy’s property lead generation for international agents and developers is unrivalled. 

Add photos to your listing

Lead Galaxy’s unique property sales videos are created from your property listing – and that means pictures. Upload as many photos of your development as you can and keep them as big as possible (the maximum size of each image is 800 x 600 pixels). These will form the basis of your video, presenting your property in a dynamic, colourful way.

Tag the images

When you upload your images, they can be tagged as “Local Area”, “External” or “Internal”. Taking the time to tag these properly will make sure that they are shown in the right order in your video, creating the strongest possible impact on the viewer.

Add descriptions

Descriptions accompany tags to make sure your photos are as informative as possible. Use up to 36 characters to explain what your images are showing and prospective buyers will be as informed as possible: and the more informed a lead is, the higher the rate of conversion.

Pick a main image

Your main image is the first thing a lead will see, so pick carefully: this will act as the thumbnail for your video as well as the central photo for your property listing. The better quality the picture, the better quality your leads. 

Pick a good title

The title of your listing needs to attract property leads: again, the more informative the better. Keep it punchy, keep it clear and keep it search-engine friendly. Mention rates of return, location and property type where possible. “2 Bed Villa in Marbella, 10% NET” is great. “Property opportunity” is too vague. And remember: the title will be the name of your video as well.

List the investment’s key selling points

Much like an email campaign, key selling points are what will determine how successful your sales lead generation is. Why is your opportunity worth investing in? Your top six selling points will appear in the video, so be clear as well as creative.

Put your listing on the map

Lead Galaxy’s listings service includes a dynamic map provided by Bing – and now that geographical information can be shown through video as well. Part of the video will zoom in on your development, showing the area around it. Simply use the embedded map tool to pin-point where it is. 

And finally…. opt in to the video service

Once you’ve created a property listing with Lead Galaxy, the video part is easy. Just choose to opt in to the service and – for a fee of only £2 per property per month – your video is automatically added to your listing. Listings with videos will be shown above the other properties advertised on, allowing investors to watch it directly from the search results page.

All videos are also added to’s dedicated video-only sister site,, and distributed to’s YouTube channel, providing you with maximum exposure. And videos are automatically updated every week as well, keeping your listing as up-to-date as possible.



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