Houses for sale in Sweden grow in popularity

  • 13 years ago
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Houses for sale in
are growing in popularity, according to new reports. Swedish
property transactions are on the rise, as the Nordic countries see investors
return to their real estate.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway were
all affected by continent’s debt crisis, but new figures from Colliers
International suggest that the region is “fundamentally quite healthy”.

Sweden and Finland saw the first major
turnaround last year after markets declined in 2009, followed by Denmark and –
to a lesser degree – Norway. Norway’s deficit was 2.7 per cent, according to Property
, behind Finland’s 2.5 per cent, but both were still faring better than
the EU average of 6. 4, which indicates the region’s readiness to rebound
against the Europe-wide uncertainty.

Colliers Nordic Sales Director Torben
Nielsen commented: “Now the number of transactions is increasing again, but
still the markets are influenced by the funding difficulties.”

As Sweden remains the most popular of the
Nordic destinations for overseas investors (Finland’s property market mostly
consists of local transactions), houses for sale in
are set to make the first comeback as the Nordics recover from the
housing slump.

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