House Prices Rising in Canada

  • 17 years ago
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Canada House prices have shown signs of a continued strength despite  worries across the border in the United States. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has predicted record numbers of sales for 2007 and increasing prices for existing houses. With the rising prices, many people are looking to invest in property, either to build now or for future use.
The Canadian financial newspaper The Financial Post indicated in a recent article that home prices in the 25 largest markets reached an average price of just over $332,000 CND. With prices rising so much across the country, new construction is at all time highs and many are looking to invest in undeveloped property. The city of Saskatoon, in the western province of Saskatchewan, for example, is offering a five-year tax break on new condominium construction to help speed new units.
Others are looking for more traditional lots on which to build, such as this Canadian Investment  property in Manitoba, about 190 km north of Winnipeg. These lots are along Lake Manitoba, with 52 of the 330 properties directly on the lake shore. There will also be a golf course and a lodge for owners of the 1-acre lots. This property is an excellent choice for those who want a second home or vacation retreat.
This location along the shores of Lake Manitoba near the Manitoba Narrows is ideal for nature loves and those who want an enjoyable retreat. With a spectacular lake for fishing and a great golfing, this will be an ideal spot for buyers. And, with existing housing prices continuing to go up, this should also be a good investment for years to come.
Prices on the lots are starting at £12,893, a very low price for pristine property on a new development. It is about a two hour drive from the city of Winnipeg near the municipality of Alonsa. Winnipeg is the eighth largest municipal area in Canada and has a modern international airport. There are direct flights from all major Canadian cities as well as many US ones, and connecting flights can be had to just about anywhere in the world.

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