House Prices in Birmingham Below National Average

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The UK’s second largest city Birmingham is well below the average house price in the UK and seems to be out of step with other regions showing steady house price increases. Land registry figures show that Birmingham average house price was £139,146 whilst UK average is £224,064
The figures on the face of it may make grim reading for property market in Birmingham but according to Hometrack overall house price rises are being skewed by London, East Anglia and the South-east  the only regions seeing steady gains.
In fact  three-quarters of all growth accounted for were from London and the South-east alone. In the capital, prices climbed by 0.3 per cent in August, after four months that have seen a 2.6 per cent fall in homes for sale and a massive 34 per cent rise in demand. Similarly, the number of houses on the market dropped by 5 per cent in the South-east.
Richard Donnell, director of research at Hometrack, said: “Taken at face value these headline results provide further support to talk of the green shoots of recovery, but dig beneath the headlines and the reality is quite different.”
Birmingham average house price Figures for England and Wales are for the period April to June 2009 £139,146
House type
Average price
Total number of sales: 1,753
Average House Prices in areas near Birmingham
  • Solihull- £218,665   
  • Bromsgrove – £213,232
  • Dudley –  £139,701    
  • Birmingham – £139,146 
  • Walsall – £131,131 

  • Coventry – £129,256 

  • Wolverhampton- £128,641  

  • Sandwell- £111,970

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