Honolulu Hawaii Good House Price Rises

  • 14 years ago
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Good house price news from the US came in the form of house price gains for HonoluluHawaii which has seen a 3.3% increase from three months ago, the highest growth of any metro area in the country.


According to data from Clear Capital Show Honolulu was not the only US region to see positive house price gains. In San Francisco, California, the area continues to lead the group in yearly price gains at 20.4% while maintaining a nearly flat quarterly price change of -0.4%. Home prices in the District of Columbia averaged an 8.4% rise from last year, ending a 42.8% drop from is peak in 2006.

Residential property prices in the US are now 5.1% higher than they were last April, according to the latest home price index to be published.
But in the last few months prices have been falling and dropped another 5% in April on a rolling three month period, the figures from data provider Clear Capital show.
The index shows it is very much a mixed picture across the country. Price in the Midwest fell 11.3% from last year, down from 12.8% in March. Gains in the South dipped to 3.3% from 3.4%. But prices in the West have grown 4.6% from last year, while prices in the Northeast have grown 2.2%.


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