Homes for sale in Brazil in one of worlds only growing markets

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Homes for sale in Brazil are in one of the world’s only
growing markets, according to the latest report from Global Property Guide.

The survey of house prices by the property portal, which
analyses price indices from 44 countries around the world, found that in the
third quarter of 2011, prices had dropped in 25 countries and increased in just 19.

26 housing markets performed more poorly during the year to
the third quarter than last year, while only 18 countries performed better,
the report explains, describing the overall market for global property as “weak”
during that quarter.

BRICs building success

Out of the few countries that saw positive changes, Brazil
and India led the way. The two BRIC economies outstripped the rest of the
world, with India’s capital Delhi seeing a 22 per cent annual increase in house
prices to the end of September.

India’s other major cities also saw house prices rise, as
the consumer price inflation rate remains high and overseas investors turn to
the growing market to avoid the Eurozone. 

Sao Paolo takes second place

But Brazil’s performance was equally

In fact, Sao Paolo had the second highest house price rise
in the world during the third quarter, according to the FIPE-Zap price index.
The jump of 5.88 per cent capped off an impressive year, as values of Brazilian
homes rose a total of 20.26 per cent from the same period in 2010.

Unlike India, Brazil’s boost is fuelled by the booming
tourist industry. The World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 are both
drawing crowds to a country already popular with visitors looking for sand and
sun. The result is a market that promises consistent demand throughout the
coming years as investors and tourists turn the spotlight on South America.

property industry remains one of the few areas of growth. Against the world’s more fluctuating markets, it’s certainly something of which to be proud.

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