Home Improvements Go Fast: Windows of Opportunity

  • 12 years ago
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It’s all very well buying a new home and moving
your things in, but sometimes a property needs a bi of sprucing up. Maybe you
want to change the outside. Perhaps you have ideas for inside.

Whatever your
DIY dream, we’ll be covering it in the next few days in our new column: Home
Improvements Go Fast.

Windows of opportunity

People spend so long looking at what they can do to
the garden, they forget what they’re looking through: windows.

You can do a lot with windows, you know. But you
can also get a lot of things wrong. Here are the top three things to look out for when trying to keep your home as (ahem) glassy as possible:

1. Seals

Yes, we know you’re keen to hurry up and get your upvc
sash windows installation from Lytham Windows
, but
have you thought about seals? Most people don’t – and we don’t mean the animal. Windows are one of the main
ways that houses can lose heat, wasting energy and pushing up your bills. How? Bad sealing. You need to make sure that your windows – sash or otherwise – are well
sealed around the edge of the frame with sturdy, waterproof sealant. Then you
can enjoy your new installation in a cosy, warm house.

2. Glazing

Double glazing is another standard that people take
for granted. Most new homes come with double glazing as standard, but if you’re buying a
second-hand property that dates back a few decades, there’s every chance you
could still have single glazing.

Why is double glazing so important? It’s literally
a second layer of glass inside your existing window, again increasing your
energy efficiency and lowering your heating bills, but it also blocks out noise
from the street, boosts your home security and reduces condensation.

Glazing scales are rated, much like a fridge, on an
A-G rating, A being the most energy efficient. The British Fenestration Rating
Council (BFRC) issue the rankings. The important thing to bear in mind? Stepping up each grade will save you around 6.5% on your bills in the long term. Want more information? The lovely folks at Britannia Glass will sort you

3. Fix it

This one sounds silly, but it’s incredibly important:
if your window breaks, get it fixed. Obvious security – and heating – issues
aside, the longer you leave a gaping hole in the side of your house, the longer
the elements have to get in and ruin your house. And, of course, if you don’t worry about it for
months, your insurance may no longer cover it – leaving you with a hefty

The bottom line? Mend it straight away. Call a 24
hour repair service, such as the one provided by Pavilion
. And remember: a broken window may be just the impetus you
need to upgrade your glazing or change the face of your house – a window of
opportunity, if you will.

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