Home Improvements Go Fast: Its whats on the outside that counts

  • 12 years ago
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After our successful home improvement series last
week, Home Improvements Go Fast is back once again!

We left you with the message that the bedroom is
where the home’s heart is, but received a number of enquiries about how to
dress up the building itself. And so today’s lesson is to remind you that
sometimes it pays to tart up the outside of the house – after all, when selling
your home, it’s what buyers see first.

So here are some suggestions on what you can do to
your property’s exterior…

It’s what on the outside that counts

Stay glassy

We spoke last time about glass and how important
windows are, not just for energy efficiency and security but also appearance.
But you know what really knocks someone’s socks off when it comes to windows? Frameless
Glass Curtains

“What are they?” we hear you cry. They are quite
simply that: curtains, or sheets, of moveable glass that join together without
a frame. An unblocked, interlocking see-through facade? If beauty is only
skin-deep, these are as shallow and glistening as it gets. So you should get
them immediately.

Turf’s up

Grass is one thing. Turf’s another. Have you ever
had one of those days where you try to mow the lawn, only for the equipment to
break? If so, turf could be the cure for many gardening headaches. And there
are lots of firms out there that offer it: for example, Tiger
Turf Supply Professional Sports Turf

It’s designed to be realistic, of course, and that’s
the key word: designed. You can have your turf any shape or size you like. It
takes up to two months to bed in, and you don’t want to have bonfires or
fireworks any near it, but to keep it clean and tidy all it needs a quick brush
once a month – and a bit of light weeding each year.

A prettier outside? Yes. A lighter workload? Definitely.

A sunny outlook

As the UK economy continues to struggle, homeowners
around the country are now increasingly keen on cutting costs. One way that
people can lower their energy bills? Solar PV Panels from Green Planet Solar Energy.

But whichever manufacturer of solar panels you
choose – you could also consider www.markgroup.co.uk
– the benefits speak for themselves: clean energy that not only helps the
environment but also lowers bills.

A recent study by uSwitch found that two-thirds of
UK homes with solar panels installed saved an average of £82.20 per month. Tell
that the person looking at buying your home and your property’s appeal just got
a significant boost. Indeed, their interest will be peaked just by looking at
your roof.

Join us next time for another instalment of Home
Improvements Go Fast.

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