Helping Foreigners Adjust to Life in Brazil

  • 17 years ago
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When overseas citizens move to a foreign country, life can be a bit challenging, certainly at first. Having a support group or some source of information on life in that country is one way to help expats settle down and feel more at home. For those who move to Brazil, there is often quite a bit of culture shock. Fortunately, there is at least one source of information, a website called
Irishman Kieran Gartlan ended up in Brazil in 1994 at the end of an around-the-world-trip. He set up and runs the web site, which now has some 200,000 visitors a month. Recently featured in an article done by the BBC, has a wide range of articles about life in Brazil. With an increasing number of foreigners moving to Brazil or vacationing there, this is one source of information about life in the country. features a wide range of articles, from travel around the country and South America to how to set up a business. Recent posts offer a guide to surfing in Brazil- one of the hottest sports here – to what you need to know about setting up a restaurant in the country. Based in São Paulo, the website is a good tool for those looking to settle in the city or other major metropolitan area. No matter where you are headed, it still provides a wealth of information on the country for foreigners.
For those who are interested in Brazilian politics, John Fitzpatrick has a site that will help, Brazil Political Comment. A Scot who move to Brazil in 1995, John tries to “encourage debate and discussion on this dynamic country which, unfortunately, is often seen abroad only through clichéd images of the Carnival and football.” It provides a view of Brazilian politics as well as the business and economic scene.
Of course, speaking Portuguese is probably the best trick for adjusting to life in Brazil. For those who want more, these web sites will certainly help. promote Brazilian real estate see Property For Sale Brazil>  

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