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During the UK Budget speech on Wednesday, George Osborne
launched the Help to Buy scheme. With £130bn of mortgage lending at the core of
the initiative, the chancellor hopes “to support a
new generation in realising the dream of home ownership.” This article exposes
how the scheme works and what it entails.

What is the Help to
Buy scheme?

There are essentially two parts to the new Help to Buy initiative. The first is
an interest-free loan from the government to help buyers purchase a newly
constructed property. The second is a guarantee from the government to support
a borrower’s mortgage. Both have zero restrictions on how much applicants need
to be earning to qualify and are available for homes up to the value of

How does the loan
scheme work?

The loan scheme helps you purchase a new-build property and is available from 1st
April 2013. It expands the existing First Buy scheme but is now available to
everyone as opposed to just first-time buyers and will run for three years. The
buyer needs to raise a minimum deposit of 5% and the government will lend you
up to 20% of the value of the property interest-free. The loan must then be
repaid when the owner decides to sell the property. It’s believed that the
£3.5bn scheme will help up to 70,000 buyers.

How does the
guarantee scheme work?

The guarantee scheme helps you purchase a new or currently existing property
and is available from January 2014. The scheme is available to first-time
buyers as well as existing homeowners and will run for three years. Once again,
the buyer needs to raise a minimum deposit of 5%. The government will then
provide the lender with a guarantee for up to 15% of the loan; essentially
allowing the lender to offer a mortgage even to buyers with a small deposit.

If you fall behind on your payments you could still lose
your property, as the Help to Buy scheme isn’t designed to help you with your
payments. The government guarantee is a safety net for the lender. The
government will step in and take some of the damage if you end up defaulting on
your payments and the lender can’t reclaim the costs via repossession and the
sale of your assets.

The mortgage guarantee scheme is likely to help sellers, as
it will provide support to buyers looking to purchase existing homes. Sellers
may also end up benefiting as many speculate that the scheme will boost prices
in the housing market and may even contribute to another housing bubble. With
fears that demand will dramatically surpass supply, many will be queuing up to
take advantage of the scheme upon its arrival, as those who are late to the
table may end up missing the boat.

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