Guide to renting a serviced office in London

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There’s no place like London. That may be a line from the
musical Sweeney Todd, but that doesn’t make it less true. The UK capital is the
biggest city in the UK and also the most popular – with tourists, investors and
companies alike.

Tourists are drawn the city’s wide range of attractions,
from historical architecture and heritage sites to cultural events and major
landmarks. The variety of lifestyle activities makes London highly appealing
for residents, too, with many workers choosing to live in the city.

But that appeal extends to investors too: property in London
is seen as a safe haven for those with money, helping the city’s real estate
market to stay ahead of the rest of the country regardless of the wider
economic climate.

As a result, demand for property in The City has grown,
pushing up prices with it. This has forced many workers to move to outside of
London and live in rural property, commuting to their offices during the

Nonetheless, companies continue to flock to the city,
renting office space in London
with a voracious appetite. From the UK Government to the Mayor of London to the
headquarters of major national and international corporations, there aren’t
many big businesses who aren’t residing in some part of London’s commercial
property sector.

The Shard, on the south bank of the River Thames, is the
latest property to be erected in the city: a 95-storey skyscraper that, at the
time of construction, was the tallest building in the European Union. This
building epitomises London’s thriving real estate market, dedicating one floor
to panoramic views of the city centre, attracting tourists to the site, housing
a string of luxury apartments and hotel rooms, bringing in residential property
investors, and a wealth of offices – a prime opportunity for companies to join
the forefront of UK businesses.

After all, like Sweeney Todd said, there’s no place like London.

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