Guide to Buying Property in Murcia Part 3: Popular hotspots

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MoveWorldwide’s Guide to Buying property in Murcia
continues this week with another round of profiles, covering the popular Spanish
hotspots within the region. Speaking to our agents around
the area, we asked them to give us quick, candid descriptions of each place’s
property market.Here’s what they had to say:

Fuente Alamo

“The longest golf course in South Spain, it’s actually the busiest in the
area – even more than La Manga Club! The bank that owns the real estate here
have lots of two-bed apartments ready to go. The town isn’t much in demand, but
the nearby golf resort is.”

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not much going on here. The town itself is typically Spanish with some bars and
restaurants, but it has the benefit of being five minutes from the new airport.
It’s going to grow naturally just because of that. Once the airport opens,
things will start to sell.”

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“I had my first
office here and I’ve moved back because of the location! Bars and restaurants are
everywhere – good nightlife. It’s seven minutes from the new airport, so
there’s a lot of activity. A lot of property is about for €80-100k with a lot
of interest from Brits.”

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“A lot of
people get disillusioned by the size of Sucina’s property, but for only another
€20k, you can get a home in Santomera twice the size. It’s
slightly further away from the coast than many places, but it’s close to
Murcia’s new shopping mall and the Paramount Theme Park.”

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de la Cruz

“Caravaca’s a beautiful location and a holy
city. 1.25 million tourists come here each year just for the church, where
there’s allegedly a piece of Christ’s cross, one of only five in the world.
Like Moratalla, it’s not really a holiday home market.”

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green, mountainous. Commissions are in place for developments but no one is
building yet. Buyers have to choose between fincas and old townhouses. It’s
more for older people rather than a holiday destination – the government is
building lots of care homes.”

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“Fortuna and
Archena are in the same place because of their connection to the natural spas
and they are run by the same hotel chain. Very popular with Spanish nationals as
well as Scandinavian and German buyers.

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“The people who
buy around here tend to be German and Scandinavians who are attracted to the
facilities and spas. It just doesn’t seem to interest the UK investor’s market
– they’d rather have a resort with a bar at the end!”

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