Guide to buying luxury real estate in France: Var

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Concluding Finest Global’s series profiling the French Riviera, the portal turns its attention to one last area in the Provence-Alpes-Cote_d’Azur: Var.

What does Var have to offer a wealthy property buyer? Intersected by the
river Var (from which it takes its name) and home to the French Navy’s
main port of Toulon, the department is bordered by Alpes-Maritimes,
Bouches-du-Rhone and the other department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.
The most important border, though, is with the Mediterranean Sea. With
resorts and culture aplenty along the coast, the question is: what
doesn’t the department have to offer?

Here is Finest Global’s guide to buying luxury property in Var:


The department of Var has a Mediterranean climate that actually beats
nearby Nice and neighbouring Alpes-Maritime for temperature. With more
sunlight and heat and less rain, Var has a few days of strong wind ever
year but makes up for it with almost 3,000 hours of sunlight: a
guarantee that holiday home owners will always enjoy their vacations.


Primarily based around Toulon, the population spreads into La
Seyne-sur-Mer and other coastal hotspots to soak up the sun in the
famous resort of Saint-Tropez. Combined with medieval architecture,
wines and the longest sand beach on the coast, Var’s expanse of history,
culture, hilltop villages and watersports ensures that residents will
never run out of things to do.


Once reliant upon Toulon’s port, Var’s economy is now drive by tourism,
with the population surging by several thousand during the summer
months. This, combined with overseas spending on high-end real estate,
ensures that owners of property in Var are surrounded by a wealth of investors and opportunities.

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