Guide to buying luxury property in Mallorca

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the world’s top high-end real estate hotspots.

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca (or Majorca)
is famous around the world as a sunny holiday destination. But for many luxury
property hunters, the island is a home from home, with the Mediterranean
climate and beautiful landscape providing an exclusive backdrop to some of the
world’s most prestigious villas.

Tempted to move to the Balerics? Here
is everything you need to know about buying luxury property in Mallorca:

Vital Statistics

Average property

€2m +

Style of property


Who’s buying?



Background Information


Stormy winters and hot summers are the order of the day in
Mallorca, although the island’s mountainous landscape keeps weather varied
throughout the year. Regardless, the island’s well-known Mediterranean
atmosphere maintains its popularity among overseas tourists and buyers.


Mallorca remains one of the most popular holiday
destinations in Europe, particularly for visitors from the UK and Scandinavian
countries. The same can be said of its property market, with buyers won over by
the island’s appealing mix of warm weather, beaches and high-quality tourist


Mallorca depends upon its tourism business as a major source
of revenue, with more than the half of the population working within the
hospitality and tourism sector. But for expats and residents, income is not an
issue: like Ibiza, the Balearics’ aspirational nature sees its residents living
without the worries of a tight budget.


Insider Knowledge

“Mallorca tends to be more of a clique market, with more
expensive house prices, but both Balearic Islands have more of a niche appeal. Ibiza
is more popular with buyers, but Mallorca continues to be buoyant. You can get
some lower-priced property in some areas outside of the main recognised
locations with the market ranging from country houses to high-end villas.”

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