Guide to buying luxury property in Benahavis

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It may sound strange, but Costa del Sol’s best-kept secret
is not on the coast at all. Nestled in the nearby hills,  Benahavis is a beautiful town tucked away from
the busy tourist beaches. The sand is not far, but for golf enthusiasts and
food lovers, this secluded cultural haven is the perfect place for a prime
holiday home.

Got your attention? Read on to find out all you need to know
to buy luxury
property in Benehavis


Vital Statistics

Average property price

€1m +

Style of property


Who’s buying?




Background Information


Nestled among the mountains, Benahavis
boasts both the nearby shore of the Costa del Sol as well as natural hilltop
surroundings. Together, they create a warm climate with temperatures that reach
30C during summer and rarely drop below the mid-teens, lots of sunshine and a
startlingly low amount of rainfall.



The breathtaking scenery gives Benahavis a romantic,
secluded air that intoxicates many. Famous restaurants and world-class golf
courses make this the peak of luxurious living, located in the shadow of the
exclusive La Zagaleta mansion club. Paradise is a strong word, but Benehavis is
as close as it gets.



Thanks to the wealth and prestige of its local residents and
foreign visitors, Benahavis is one of the unique areas of Spain that have
withstood the global financial crisis to a great extent – and its legendary
range of high-class cuisine continues to attract more hungry buyers every year.


Insider Knowledge

“Apartments? Not so much in this area! Benehavis is where
you’ve got La Zagaleta, which is one of the top, top resorts – real prestige. While
in Estepona, bargains can go as low as €400k, in Behehavis villas start from
around €1 million. If you go to La Zagaleta, you can be looking  at upwards at €3 million.

“It is more costly for buyers compared to other parts of the
Costa del Sol, but if the right deal comes up, people come crawling…”

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