Guide to buying luxury property in Barbados

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Luxury property specialists Finest Global offer tips and advice on the world’s high-end real estate hotspots.

Ask anyone around the world to name paradise and they would most likely say Barbados. Famous for its ideal climate, flawless beaches and unspoilt natural landscapes, the island country is as perfect as life gets for those lucky enough to own a home here.

Want your own piece of island paradise? Here is Finest Global’s guide to luxury property in Barbados:


Vital Statistics

Average price

€400k – €9m

Style of property

Apartments / Villas

Who’s buying?

Familiar buyers




Barbados is far from the Algarve, but the island’s Mediterrannean climate is surprisingly similar to South Portugal: a mix of warm weather throughout the year with a dry season in the first half of the year and a cooler, wetter end to 2012.


Most of Barbados‘ residents come from abroad, with the area’s culinary history attracting a high class of expatriate. Instead of using their Barbados holiday home every few weeks, buyers tend to use it may be twice a year, because the weather is good over Christmas.


Barbados relies on tourism as much as history and culture tofuel its economy. In addition to the foreign purchase of real estate, the island nation’s offshore banking sector is also key in encouraging overseasinvestment.

Insider Knowledge

“Along with Westmoreland and Sandy Lane, Saint James is thearea where people tend to look at a lot for property in Barbados – all alongthe West Coast. Buyers are usually from Europe, who visit there year after yearand then get tired of staying in a hotel. You wouldn’t just fly out and buy.During the months of not being used, owners don’t lock up their homes,Spanish-style. They rent them to other overseas investors.”


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