Greengold Leads to New Farmland Investment

  • 15 years ago
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A popular investment opportunity in Argentina called Greengold has led to a new program called SCS Farmland. Project Greengold was launched in 2007 and there have been four investment programs since then, each of which has sold out. Despite the global downturn in 2008, the latest phase of Greengold still sold out and investors wanted more. Farmland is a very stable property, and it is used for a product that the world will continue to use, so the risks in buying this land are minimal.
The success of Greengold has led to a new farm property program in Argentina called SCS Farmland. The program is operated by the same public company that runs Greengold, the Argentine company Food Water and Energy SA (FWE). FWE owns and manages some 60,000 hectacres of land in Argentina. Investors, who actually own the land through FWE, provide the funds to make it commercially viable and operate it as farmland. The land provides two harvests every fourteen months, according to FWE.
SCS Farmland is similar to Greengold, although investors can purchase smaller amounts than in the original program. All an investors needs is a minimum of £12,000 or $16,000, and a commitment for five or ten years. Returns are planned as 66% for the five year ownership, and 160% for ten years. If the success of Greengold is an indication, then SCS Farmland should be a popular investment opportunity.

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