Great British Overseas Property Hotspots

  • 12 years ago
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The British weather has been
pretty dismal this summer.  Flash
flooding, storms and grey skies made it one of the wettest Julys on
record.  So, it is little wonder that
more and more people are seeking a foreign refuge that offers reliable, year round sunshine.

So, if you are looking for an
overseas home than can almost guarantee good weather, where should you
look?  We look at some of the
sunniest locations in the world.

Four great sunny spots to buy overseas property

The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘despite the calamitous situation with
the euro, classic European favourites are still popular.’  The newspaper also reports that
‘holiday home values in Spain are low and still falling. These are predicted to
stabilise next year, so a canny purchase in 2012 may coincide with the Costas
and Balearics having their lowest prices for two decades.’

Portugal is also popular with
expats.  Prices in the Algarve have
fallen by 20 per cent since 2009 and a two-bedroom flat starts at
£100,000.  Summer temperatures are
around 25C (78F) and during the winter, the Portuguese enjoy an average of ten
hours of sunshine a day.

However, it may also pay to look
further afield for sunshine. 
Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing property markets and it is
still possible to buy a small apartment for under £30,000.  Daytime highs in Brazil’s winter from
June to August are above 15C (60F) while in summer it hits 38C (100F).

South Africa is also popular with
British buyers and has a strong rental market, particularly in the British
winter.  Cape Town is eleven hours
from Britain and boasts waterside apartments, bijou town houses and generous
mansions.  Cape Town’s summer is
December to March and year round temperatures are 15C (60F) to 27C (80F).

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