Government Investing in Cyprus to Boost Interest

  • 16 years ago
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While the government and tourism officials of Cyprus seek to boost interest in their country for tourists and property investors, the latest statistics show that tourism is on the rise. Over 2.4 million people visit southern Cyprus each year, bringing in over £1.7 billion in revenue to the country.
While Cyprus has long been a popular destination for holiday travelers, it is an ideal place for property investors as well. The economy has been steadily growing for years and is expected to grow by nearly 4% this year. There is also a well-educated workforce and the country is a popular offshore location for international companies. For UK residents, the country is a former British colony and is very similar to home.
‘We have already spent a lot of time and money and we are beginning to see increasing numbers,’ said Akis Kelepeshis, president of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents. Cyprus is a prime destination for winter travelers due to its mild weather, and the winter is when they expect to see an even larger increase in visits and interest.
In addition to the money being spent on raising awareness and interest in Cyprus, the government is currently investing heavily in infrastructure. Among other things, the international airport at Paphos is being expanded and a number of road improvements are under way.
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