Google Update Increases Traffic for Overseas Property Portal

  • 13 years ago
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A much talked about algorithm change which has changed Google search results has resulted in increased traffic and search engine rankings for international real estate portal


The round of changes by Google named the Panda update  started on February 24th and targeted low-quality pages and sites and sites deemed as “content farms”

Panda 2.0: Launched on April 11, incorporated Google “blocking” data and impacted about 2% of searches in the US.


Analysts Searchmetrics who use a suite of search analytics tools to access 25 million keywords and 50 million domains produced 101 winners of the Panda update. these included:


Google properties positively impacted:

– gained 18.93% in visibility.
– gained 6.14% in visibility.
– gained 3.99% visibility.
– (Blogger) gained gained 22.8% visibility.
– gained 33.92% in visibility.


Google competitors positively impacted:

– increased 9.47%
– increased 15.19% increased 9.14%
– increased 17.80
– increased 18.62
– increased 8.13%
– increased 6.45%
– increased 18.85%
– increased 12.39%
– increased 43.86%
– increased 7.81%
– increased 19.44%
– increased 29.46%
– increased 6.62%


In April the BBC reported that Google denied that the Panda update was a hit on its competitors.One of the worst hit by the “Panda” update was, a Microsoft-owned company that had been leading an EU competition case against Google.


Director of Nick Marr “it’s great to be in such great company the update appears to place emphasis on sites that generate fresh original content. Our overseas property news and blogs have been a regular feature since 2003”. has seen 7% increase in traffic and about 2% positive movement in search engine positions and is now highly ranked for “Overseas Property”    

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