Golf continues to be important if you are buying in Spain or Portugal

  • 14 years ago
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Golf Travel Insights global survey among golf tour operators and was carried out by KPMG’s Golf Advisory practice still rank Spain and Portugal as the number one Golf destinations. The survey found that during summer 2010  over 120 golf tour operators from 41 countries who participated in the survey meant that despite the slow down in the housing markets the two regions still camoe out on top. Golf property is now more affordable in both regions despite the demand for golf in Spain and Portugal
If your intention is to rent out the property for a period of the year, having access to good quality golf facilities may increase your rental yields. The Algarve is one of Europe’s most popular destinations with golf fanatics looking for quality courses and good weather, and so buying a holiday home near a good course could be beneficial.
Portugal remains one of Europe’s top golf destinations, says expert
Andrew Stanley, CEP of says that Portugal continues to be one of the preferred European destinations for golfers. When asked about golf travel hotspots, Mr Stanley said: “The tried and test regions still come top, and that means Spain, Portugal and France will remain very important.”
He added: “The UK is still our number one market, both by volume and price…[and] as I said, Spain and Portugal have been strong for us…”
Large holiday golf market
The UK has Europe’s largest golf holiday market, with four million consumers. So, if you are hoping to benefit from a rental income on your Portuguese property, attracting golf tourists is an excellent way to increase your yield. 

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