Godrej Security Solutions Launches ‘Goldilocks’, World’s First Personal Locker, in Dubai


DUBAI, UAE, January 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Godrej Security Solutions, one of Asia’s leading manufacturer of security solutions, launched Goldilocks, the world’s first personal locker in Dubai on the 22nd of January, 2017. After a stupendous success in Germany and India, Goldilocks will now be available in the Middle East market – Dubai being the first. This is a part of the brand’s ambitious growth strategy of 30% Y-o-Y in the Middle East market.

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With a design-thinking approach, Godrej Security Solutions has taken their commitment to innovation and security worldwide. Goldilocks is an innovation that has disrupted the personal security space. Commenting on the launch, Marketing, Sales and Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions, said, At Godrej Security Solutions, we have always adopted a customer driven approach to innovation and product development. We understand the intricate needs of the consumer and want to enhance our product offering to elevate the user experience. With Goldilocks we not only look forward to offering our consumers in Dubai the safety value which is a given, but also help them stay organized and clutter-free with their everyday valuables, which is an essential need in our hectic lifestyle today.

Today, everyone has a number of everyday valuables such as daily wear ornaments, wallets, keys, chains, watches, mp3 players, iPods and other similar products. According to a study conducted by Godrej Security Solutions, most people have no means of protecting themselves against petty theft of these daily valuables. People don’t have a place where everyday valuables can be securely stored and easily retrieved as and when required. The conventional bank lockers and home safes are not very convenient for this purpose and are used to store more expensive items.

Therefore, there is need for a locker which is both portable and provides ease of access and convenience, allowing us to be more organized and keep things in order. The innovative personal locker is also equipped with a touch-panel keypad and an in-built alarm which starts buzzing if someone tries to tamper with it. The touch panel allows customers to set or re-configure password to ensure complete security. It is currently available in white and black metallic colours. Its sleek finish and metal build ensure style and security for the consumer. In the near future, the company also plans to unveil a wall-mounted unit that will provide a common space to store everyday valuables for multiple users in the family, with multiple passwords through a single digital entry system, thus providing individual areas for each family member.

Goldilocks was launched at the Intersec, a leading international meeting platform for the security & safety industry, where Godrej Security Solutions is exhibiting its range of security products.

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